Wetland Management

AMW provides wetland management services across the length and breadth of  the UK.

Wetland Management

Our interest in wetland management began in 1999 when we started work with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) on the Flanders Moss site. This National Nature Reserve is a remnant of the extensive boglands that once spanned the Forth Valley, and is home to many rare insects and plants.

The conservation and management work we carried out at Flanders Moss led to us developing a commitment and passion for working on wetlands that exists to this day. AMW works hand-in-hand with agencies such as SNH, Scottish Wildlife Trust and the RSPB in protecting and maintaining wild wetland environments.

We have developed a range of techniques and methodologies uniquely suited to the management of wetlands. Our low ground pressure vehicles (Softrak) come equipped with forage harvesters, chipper, reed cutting head and heather cutter. This allows us to manage rank vegetation, rushes, reed, heather and scrub whilst protecting the fragile wetland surface.

AMW provides a full wetland management service:

  • Advice on wetland and peatland restoration
  • Dam installation (plastic and peat)
  • Exotic control, ie Rhododendron, Japanese Knotweed, etc
  • Weed wiping and spraying
  • Stock bridge installation
  • Access (transportation of materials across soft ground)
  • Fencing

At AMW, we bring our passion and specialist knowledge to the management and conservation of wetlands across Scotland, and we are interested in tendering for a variety of projects. Although based in Scotland we have carried out projects in places such as Kent and Grimsby.