Our project portfolio shows just a small selection of the wetland and woodland management and tree services we carry out at AMW.

If you are interested in any of our services shown here or anything not shown, get in contact and we’ll be happy to provide you with further examples of our work.

Vegetation Management for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

We are responsible for the cutting and removal of wetland vegetation for the RSPB on sites all over Scotland; Orkney, Aviemore and Broubster to name a few. This contract has been on-going for the last 5 years and is achieved with our Softraks fitted with forage harvesters.

Pannel Valley Reserve for The Wetland Trust

Similar to the RSPB contract we have been contracted to remove fen vegetation from a small reserve in Icklesham, Kent.

Clyde Valley Small Works for Scottish Natural Heritage

We are now in our fourth consecutive year of this contract. On a call out and planned basis we are responsible for works in a variety of habitats, including the Clyde Valley Woodlands NNR, along the Clyde Valley.  The works involved are many and varied; emergency tree work, woodland management, surveys, litter picking, fencing and path work.

Scrub removal on Methven Moss for private landowners through SRDP funding

This is a two stage project firstly involving the weed-wiping of 50 hectares of open bog to control birch. Secondly the felling, chipping and extracting of 4 hectares of mature woodland on the edge of the bog. Using one of our Softraks with a front mounted 6inch chipper and tipping body, arisings can be removed from this sensitive site with no damage to the peat.

Scrub removal on Flanders Moss for Scottish Natural Heritage

Now in its sixth year this contract is similar to Methven Moss. Every year a 7 hectare block of mature woodland is felled and processed. On this occasion chippings are used to block ditches and the timber is left to be incorporated into the bog.

We also carry out a large amount commercial and domestic tree work. Ranging from removal of dead or dangerous trees to inspection to planting.

Ditch damming for the Forestry Commission (Coalburn Moss SSSI, Lockshaw Moss SSSI and East Drumclair Moss)

Install over 200 plastic dams on three separate sites. These dams varied in size from small to extra re-inforced.

Himalayan Balsam survey for Scottish Natural Heritage

Survey Lochs Clunie and Marlee SSSI for Himalayan Balsam. Identify areas where the plant was present then map, photograph and produce report of findings.

Weed-wiping birch for Butterfly Conservation (Wester Moss SSSI)

Using glove applicator, wipe all birch in prescribed area to halt encroachment and encourage native flora.

Scrub clearance for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (Loch of Kinnordy SSSI)

Cut and burn 6 hectares of willow scrub on this very wet site.

Clearance of storm damage for Scottish Wildlife Trust (Cumbernauld Greenspaces)

Following storm events we were given a survey of remedial action required. This would be achieved through a combination of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) and climbing work.